Thursday, 25 March 2010

That's my house!

Today I get wind that Google have finished taking pictures of my town for Google Maps Streetview, so I excitedly tipity-tap my address on my laptop. I don't really know why I'm so excited, I see my house everyday, but there's something about it being on the www...
Anyway I type in my address, click on the little tab and a picture of my house comes up.
My eyes scan the photo......hmmm my house looks good, garden fairly tidy, car looks clean(the hub will be pleased), number plate blurred out..................oh no wait.........wheelie bins.
Google have only gone and taken the photo on blimmin' BIN DAY! Typical......



  1. Well i shouldnt be commenting ... Coz i do the same .... its excites to see my house on the google earth ... i love watching it ...

    view mine:

    this place is were i empty it out ...


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