Saturday, 20 March 2010

P-P-P-Pick up a penguin

If you live in the UK, like I indeed do, you surely must be aware of penguin chocolate bars.

I must say I'm partial to a penguin bar(well any chocolate bars really!) and the beauty of these bars, apart from featuring my favourite animal on the front, is that they have jokes on the back. They are a little bit on the lame side but great fun nonetheless BUT the same jokes have been on them for yonks! And that is disappointing....

So, the other day I bought a multipack of Penguin bars and as I opened it to get one out, the packaging looked slightly different...I gasped....could it be? I called out to my hubby Rob, 'I think the penguin bars have got new jokes!'

We hurriedly ripped open the packet and YES, it was true! New jokes, so we stood in the kitchen reading out jokes to each other.

My favourite.........What's a penguins favourite footwear??


Hee hee I really did LOL to that one and probably guffawed too.....

Did that make you smile? Just a little? C'mon admit did!

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